frequently asked questions

we can classify our software services info four main groups.

- web design and software

- desktop windows or macosx compatible application.

- web-based enterprise-specific software.

- android and ios application.

No. It doesn't matter whether we write it or another colleague writes it. If open-source codes are available, we also provide support for where the project left off or for a finished project.

Do you have any social media work, can you let me know?

Yes. We provide social media services, especially Instagram, Facebook.
The service provided is done every month at a definite price. Open your accounts with 22 years of digital experience.
we manage. please contact me for more.

It will facilitate the work by providing a workflow that is specific to the institution and suitable for the internal dynamics of the institution. It is the conversion of requests determined by the institution into the software. this can be in the form of a web-based, desktop or mobile application if desired. It totally depends on the needs of the institution.